A Custom Ketubah by Archie Granot

Create a custom Ketubah and cherish your wedding day forever.

What better way to remember your wedding than to commission a customized ketubah with a style and theme that you and your spouse love.

Choose whether to decide on the basic concept of the design together with the artist, select from an already existing creation that you like from our gallery, or you can give the artist a free hand in creating your papercut. Incorporating initials from your first and last names, for example, is one way that we can customize your design.

Browse through our Ketubah galleries below and get started with making your ketubah today.

Commissioned Custom Ketubah

Custom Ketubahs

Limited Edition Ketubahs

Limited Edition Ketubahs

Archie Granot designs custom ketubahs for both newlyweds and anniversaries alike. His galleries feature limited edition unique designs in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Browse through our galleries above to get a sense of how you can personalize your ketubah.

To get started with your custom ketubah, contact us today.