Commissioning a Ketubah

My Custom Ketubahs are comprised of two parts---the contractual text (the ketubah or legal document) and the papercut decoration (border). You may choose to give me a completely free hand in designing the papercut or together we can decide on basic design elements including style (traditional or modern), color and shape (for example, rectangular text with a rectangular border or circular text within a square border) while still giving me a free hand to create an aesthetic work of art. Equally you may be inspired by any of the ketubahs or other works that you see on my site.

After you commission your Custom Ketubah you will have to supply me with your chosen text which may be selected from the texts that I offer, supplied by the officiating Rabbi or written by you. I will then write out the ketubah and e-mail it to you or to your officiant for "proofing" and authorization. (This contact with the Rabbi is beneficial as it can prevent surprises under the chuppah.) The authorized text is then printed using the Giclee process.

Only after the text is written out, can the papercut border be designed. One-of-a-kind, hand cut and multi-layered, the decoration usually contains Hebrew texts as an integral part of the design. These texts will be meaningful to the you. For example, they may reference particular blessings or biblical passages which, in turn, may reference your names, love or commitment. I can provide suggestions and will be happy to work with you to select appropriate biblical texts.

The size of the completed work is a function of shape, size and wording of the contractual text and the shape and design of the decoration. As an indication, a rectangular work can measure in the vicinity of 37 cm. wide by 50 cm. long with text approximating 18 cm. wide by 28 cm. long. A square papercut decoration framing round text may measure 40 cm. by 40 cm. with the text encapsulated in a circle with a diameter of 20 cm. Again, these are only indications and may vary according to personal taste and budget. However, maximum size is limited by the size of paper available.

Regarding design, I like, where possible, to create a work inspired by something meaningful to you such as the initials of first and/or family names. Additionally, you can check my website and perhaps you will find a work which you would like me to use as a "starting point".

It usually takes about 2 months to create a Custom Ketubah. Please allow for this.

To find out more, contact the artist today.

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